What You Can Do

You can help yourself and help others get away from fast fashion. A few things you can do to make an impact are: buy and use clothes made from sustainable, organic fibers, buy sweat-free, limit your purchases, and donate everything you aren't using!

Sustainable Fibers

Bamboo in yarn form and natural form (3).
     Clothing made from natural, organic materials is better for the environment, dosen't use as much energy as its synthetic cousins, and doesn't use any toxic chemicals. Some sustainable fibers include: Bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, wool, and silk[5]. Buying clothes made from these materials is a great alternative to partaking in what is offered through fast fashion. These clothes will have a longer lifetime and are something you can feel good about wearing. 
            -- For more information about how you can buy sustainable clothing, visit the links page!

Say "NO" to Sweatshops!

A Sweatshop Protest. Picture taken from:
     Take a look at your tags! If it says it was made in a developing country (or in some cases, even China or the U.S) chances are it is the product of sweatshop labor[6]. One way you can be sure you are buying sweat-free clothing, is if the label says it was made in a union, or is a fair trade company[6]. You can also be certain that you are getting sweatshop-free clothes from retailers who commit to not using them, such as, American Apparel and No Sweat. If you are still uncertain, you can always search the internet for the name of the company the clothing is from+ sweatshops. 

Sell Your Clothes For Money             (or make your own!)

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Make an Ebay or Etsy account and sell your stuff! Or have a yardsale, post on craigslist, find someone who wants your stuff, give clothes to friends, etc.

Donate, Donate, Donate!

A drop-off box. Picture taken from:
Donating your old and/or unwanted clothing is a great way to help and give to other people in need. It also can reduce textile waste and you can feel confident that your clothes aren't sitting in a landfill.

How to Donate:

  • Gather up all your unwanted garments.
  • Wash and then secure them in a trash bag
  • Bring them to your donation center of choice. These could include: The Salvation Army, Goodwill, a clothing drop-off box, or any thrift store or charity near you.

Clothing Recycling: What Happens to the Clothes You Put in the Box?

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