We Just Don't Know!

     We are so concerned on saving money by not  buying expensive things, that we sometimes fail to take note of the small pleasures we indulge our wallets in, and are ignorant of the effects our spending habits really have. As a consumer, we don't typically wonder what it means for clothes to be so cheap; we simply believe we are getting a great deal, and want to take advantage of the opportunity to save a few dollars. We are oblivious to the negative affects over-shopping has, and without that information, we have no reason to ignore incredibly low prices, things on sale, colorful, alluring window displays, and great looking clothes. A shopper doesn't seem to think it matters how many times the new shirt he or she just bought is worn, and doesn't seem to give a second thought to the fate of that shirt after they throw it in the garbage bin. Most people don't know where their clothes are made or by whom they are sewn. In fact, a lot of people are even unaware that sweatshop labor is so widely used in the fashion industry, and don't even know if the stores they shop at use it.
     Most people have
never even heard about fast fashion.Without proper information and education about fast fashion, consumers aren't going to think about the lives-before-purchase of the pile of clothes in their shopping bags, and retailers just don't seem to care. Little do consumers know about the problems caused by their shopping and disposal habits and the effects those habits have on the environment, themselves, and other human lives.