Other Resources

Clothing Donation Organizations:
The Salvation Army: "America's favorite family store," a great place to donate your clothes to, but The Salvation Army also accepts furniture and household items. Use the locator on their site to find a store and/or donation center near your!
- Goodwill: Another great resource for clothing donation. Goodwill will take you gently used clothing and other items to be reused.
- The Thrift Shopper: This site will tell you everything you need to know about thrift shopping. Buying clothes at thrift stores is a great alternative to the mall and internet shopping. Use the locator on their site to get a list of the different thrift stores near you!

Eco-Friendly Fashion:
- The Ethical Fashion Forum: Check them out to get great information about sustainable fashion.
- Fashion & Style Blog: A fantastic blogger blogs about awesome organic and sustainable eco-friendly products!
The Green Loop: A market place for many brands of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

- SweatFree: An organization which provides information and aid to sweatshop workers.
- Union Labels: This page lists brands of clothing which are all union made and sweatshop free.